Friday, November 20, 2009

"Furnished Rooms For Rent, Pay Weekly"


When I first moved to New York City, I had a place to stay. But one day my relationship went sour and I got kick out. At first I stayed in cheap Hotels but they still end up costing me about $250 to $350 per week.
One day while reading the Spanish Newspaper “La Prensa” I saw an ad for furnished rooms for rent starting at $80 per week. This was back in 2001, but since I was in a desperate situation I called. A sweet voice answered the phone. And kindly inform me that I could get a room the same day, with a week deposit and a small fee. I only had $500 left in my bank account and since I was struggling I jump on the 1 train went to check out this deal.
When I arrived, a lady name Susana, explain how they work. I would fill out an application and pay a small fee. I didn’t like that so I requested to see the rooms first, but she insisted I pay the fee. After discussing for a while she told me that, if I didn’t like any rooms then she would refund me the fee.
I told her that I wanted a nice, clean room, and that I could pay more than $80 per week. So she made a few phone calls and gave me a few addresses. I went to see the first room; it was in Washington Heights, the northern part of Manhattan. About 15 minutes away from Time Square on the 1 train. To my surprise it was very nice and clean apartment on the nine floor, and with a view of the George Washington Bridge. I told the lady that I had other places to see but that I really like her place. She then offers me the place for $100 per week, although she was asking $125. This was an offer too good to refuse so I rented the room.
The room was furnished with a full size bed, a TV stand and a coffee table. The closet was big very spacious. It was unbelievable. So I went back to the rental office and after speaking with Susana, I told her I would help her get more clients.
Since I am a graphic and web designer, I posted colorful ads for her in Within a year she told me that she wanted to open her own Room Rental office and with my help NoMa Realty, was born in 2002.
Since then Susana has been placing people in Rooms in the Washington Heights area. People from all over the world. Chinese, Russians, Mongolians, French, Germans, Canadians, Argentineans, Italians, Koreans, Japaneses, Ethiopias, just name the country. Susana has help people get a room and later get an apartment.
There are many room rental agencies in New York City, but nobody will treat you with respect and refund you the fee if you don’t like the rooms.
If you are looking to moved to NYC, or need a place to live right away, call Susana at 212-234-2338. If she is not available there is someone always ready to help you.
The office is located at 3766 Broadway in the basement, half of block from the 1 train. The W. 157th St. station.
To get a room right away you need the following:
  • Proof of employment
  • Picture ID
  • Aplication fee $125
  • First week rent $150 or $200
  • One week deposit $150 or $200
So with a minimum of $425 you can get a nice, clean, safe, furnished room. Just keep in mind that you will me sharing the bathroom with others in the apartment, but other than that I think this is a excellent way to live in NYC for less.

10 am to 7:30 pm

NoMa Realty, LLC
3488 Broadway Basement
New York, NY 10032


  1. Family moving to nyc for new job and need quick, temporary place to live.

  2. I am a big believer in placing comments on blogs and forums to inform the blog writers know that they have added something useful to the world wide web! Roommate

  3. als je wilt in een ideale kamer om te leven, moet je bezoek aan ons

  4. Hi, I'm an international student from India currently in school and have to find a place asap, as my fiance got into UC Denver with a full scholarship and has to move, so would be traveling to CO pretty often. I'm very friendly and pretty easy to live with. Left to med school in the Caribbean when I was 17 so have had my share of roommates. Hopefully, we find what were looking for. Thanks again.

  5. Hi I'm looking for weekly room to rent in Brooklyn... basement will be sweet..willing to pay 150 a week.thanx


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